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Welcome to North Scituate Baptist Church

Our Beliefs


We believe in one God, revealed through Jesus Christ, God’s son, our Lord and Savior. We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God…


Church Bylaws

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The purpose of this church shall be the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It shall seek to attain this goal by developing Christian fellowship for worship, for spiritual growth, for ministering to one another, and by witnessing and sharing Christian love to meet the spiritual, physical, and social needs in the local and world-wide community.

You are invited to come every Sunday and rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is our privilege to continue serving Him into our 180th year of ministry here at North Scituate Baptist Church.

Preaching This Week:

Yes, it is the Sunday after Easter – Sunday April 25, 2015 – but come join us as we worship the Risen Lord. The message will be delivered by our pastor, Rev. Dr. Reppa M. Cottrell. The choir will be singing at the 11:00 service. We would love to have visitors with us and it is always great to fellowship with all believers as we gather to praise our Lord. So come join us for worship and let your heart and soul to be touched by the Holy Spirit and renewed through the Gospel of Jesus the Christ.


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Upcoming Events:

Celebrating 180th Anniversary of NSBC

Please join with us for this GRAND homecoming ( making a joyful noise to the Lord in hymns and praise ) to celebrate the 180th Anniversary of North Scituate Baptist Church on Saturday , April 25th, 2015 with worship and praise to begin at 4 P.M. A covered dish supper and multimedia presentation of the history of our church will follow at 5:30 P.M. in Jordan Hall ( basement of church ).

Take this “stroll down memory lane” with past and present members of our church family, singing, breaking bread together, and looking into the rich memories of bygone days, and be filled with the hope of new things yet to come: We can all share one with another in the great things of God and His Son Jesus Christ : together all part of “His”-tory . Current church members please RSVP (401-647 -3238) God Bless you richly !

NSBC 2nd Annual Car Shows

Mark your calendars! The dates for our 2nd Annual Car Show will be

May 23rd, June 27th, and July 25th
10 AM to 2 PM

Gathering Information for Anniversary Celebration

As we celebrate the 180th anniversary of our church, the Historical Relevance Team of the “Think Tank” is gathering information about the ways in which our faith and commitment to Christian service have motivated past and present members to serve our country and community.

We are starting with the plaques in the narthex that list the World War service of past members and will also create a record of current services by members Please help us by contacting Tom Klitz, a member of the team, or calling the church office with any information about your service or service of your ancestors.

Bible Sudies

Tuesday Mornings at 10:15am - April 21st we will start the study of the letter of I JOHN You don’t have to be there every Tuesday but come as often as you can and find the joy of studying God’s Word and sharing with fellow believers.

Thursday Evenings at 7:15pm - April 23rd we will start the study of the letter of II JOHN and continue on with III JOHN, JUDE and TITUS. Come join the fun of studying God’s Word and having a safe place to ask your questions and share your thoughts.

Women’s Fellowship Annual Baby Shower

Give Not Take Sunday, April 19, boxes will be available for your donation to the Layette Program of the South Providence Neighborhood Ministries. Newborn sizes only requested such as: sweaters, hats, booties, sleepers, onesies, blankets, socks, etc.

General Information

Child care is provided for children 10 and under during all worship services. Come worship the Lord Jesus Christ & hear the Good News Morning worship on Sundays is at 8:15 AM and 11:00 AM. We have an elevette for those that cannot walk the stairs, and also offer hearing devices for those that are hearing impaired

There is a class for every age, including Young Adults (Post high school) and 2 Adult Classes. At 9:20 AM, all the young people meet in Jordan Hall to sing and meet their teachers before going to their classrooms. Everyone is encouraged to join a class and if you have any questions please call the church office (401) 647-3238. All you need to bring is the desire to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have a Bible, bring it, if you do not, one will be provided.